Digital Art: True Art

Topics: Art, Graphic design, Web design Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: January 19, 2011
Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
How can the artistic medium one chooses to use to express oneself determine whether or not it is truly art? While digital artists’ artistic ability is often questioned and the credit is given to the computer being used, the art itself springs from the mind of the digital artist. I can say this with personal fervor: Digital art is truly in essence a form of art that merely takes advantage of the innovations of modern technology. Digital Art isn’t computer-generated. While it might involve using tools offered by specialized computer programs a computer doesn’t do the thinking for you, and the creative ideas put forth are of the artist’s mind. Digital artist’s only use computer tools to convey their designs, all of the creative credibility should be given to the artist himself. Should the canvas the Mona Lisa was painted on be considered the creator of the masterpiece or rather Leonardo Da Vinci? Painters that stick to canvas are limiting themselves to the paint they use and the cotton woven fibers of their canvas. Why purposely choose to ignore the modern day tools that are given to you and condescendingly look down upon those who choose to utilize them? Over the years, I have spent a lot of my own time experimenting in the depths of digital art. Many times, I have used the computer as a medium for self expression; from creating to pictures on Microsoft paint as a child to experimenting with specialized software such as Adobe Photoshop. I have a deep and passionate love for creating and expressing myself through artwork on the computer. I one day aspire to have a profession in the field of digital art, such as a Graphic Designer. Because of this, I am very offended by the comments I hear from “traditional artists” that condescend digital art for its use of the computer as the artistic medium. When I hear comments that degrade digital artwork to computer-generated images, as though the computer itself designed the art I feel...
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