Digi Situational Analysis

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Situational Analysis
Company Profile Analysis
DIGI is the first telecommunication to operate and launch a full digital cellular network in Malaysia on 24 May 1995. Besides, DIGI were also become the first to offer GPRS (2.5G) and later EDGE (2.75G) in 14 May 2004 in Malaysia. DIGI is a mobile communication services provider in Malaysia. DIGI has provided service to individuals, businesses and other operators which owned subsidiary, DIGI Telecommunication SDN BHD. There are two packages option offers by DIGI to mobile subscribers is prepaid plan and postpaid voice plan. DIGI has provided variety mobile communication service including SMS, mobile broadband and international roaming and calling and WAP services. According to DIGI the first quarter of 2012 of Non-Audited financial statement, their total net operating revenues increase from RM 1,443,428 thousands to RM 1,575,055 thousands, which increases with 9.12%. DIGI has approximately RM 4.9 billion with a subscriber base 0f 7.7 million. Since year 2005, DIGI has returned in excess of RM6.8 billion in cash to their entire shareholder, it shows a result that DIGI has a strong capital discipline. Moreover, year 2007, DIGI continues perform well which they improve on their commercial focus and it results their annual revenue growth in excess of 5% between year 2007 and 2010. Product Analysis

DIGI is simple to pronounce and spell, which it makes people easy to recall. DIGI has distinguishes itself from the mobile services industry by its distinctive brand name. DIGI are using yellow, white and black color to packaging its own product. The combination of this color can connect or develop target audience of the generation who are vibrant, fresh and ambitious. DIGI is a Telecommunication company, so it has provided different type of mobile and internet services. All these services are including SMS, data plans, prepaid and postpaid voice plans, international roaming and calling and WAP services. For their prepaid...
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