Digestive System Parts

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  • Published : January 17, 2011
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TPJ2O/3CName: ____________________
The Digestive System Group Assignment

In this assignment, you will study the parts and functions of the digestive system in a group of 3.

Obtain a large piece of craft paper from your teacher. On this paper, you will create a life size diagram by tracing one of your group members and drawing the organs of the human digestive system. You must conduct in depth research to ensure that you are able to add the following criteria to your diagram: [24 marks T] [12 marks C]

Diagram is neat and well organized012

All digestive organs are neatly labeled and includes a0246810 description of its function

Outline all sites of physical digestion PURPLE0123

Outline all sites of carbohydrate digestion in GREEN012

Outline all sites of protein digestion YELLOW012

Outline all sites of lipid digestion RED01

Outline all digestive glands BROWN and include01234
its function

Outline the site of water absorption BLUE01

In the bottom right corner of your diagram,01234
draw a diagram of a VILLI and include a
description of why VILLI are an important
structure in the digestive system.

In the bottom left corner of your diagram,012
explain why cellulose Is important for a healthy
digestive system?

In the top right corner of your diagram, explain what a 01234 sphincter is and describe 3 places where they are
found in the digestive system

In the top left corner of your diagram, define01
the term peristalsis.

Disorders of the Digestive System

Use the college biology textbook, page 189-190 and additional sources ( internet) to complete the following chart summarizing disorders of the digestive system. [14 marks K]

|Disorder |Organ Affected |Cause |Type of Disorder |Treatment | | | |...
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