Digby Annual Report

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C55847 – Digby

Annual Report


Yan Lang, Ching-Hsiang Lin,

Shu Ou-Yang, Nuo Xu

Shareholder Letter

To Our Shareholder, Customers, and Employees:

The past eight years have marked an extraordinary level of progress for Digby Electric Sensors and its shareholders. In the past eight years, the company was able to turn its stocks from $34.25 per share into $45.77, plus issuing a total of $10 dividends per share along the way. While this level of performance is very rarely rivaled by any type of investment, our company is most proud of the sustainable within the environment and continues growth rate in the electric sensor industry.

Eight years ago, our management team touted the importance of the following four guiding principles that helped to make Digby’s success today:

1. Cost leadership: By bringing labor and raw material costs down years ahead of the competition, our company has able to enjoy the prevailing market price and generating excess profits. 2. Low price products: By taking aggressive actions early to bring down the costs of production, our company has been able to output the highest quality line of electric sensors and offer low selling price in the industry. 3. Aggressive marketing: Aggressive spending in marketing every year has helped the company to gain customer awareness in preparation for eventual lower per unit production costs. This immediately helped Digby to sales in high volumes. 4. Board diversified products: In each segment, our company keeps trying to become the product leader. We spent heavily in TQM in order to reduce R&D cycle also increase market demand. The level of return on investments our company has been able to deliver by following the four listed principles is not only a tribute to our past success, but also serves as a source of optimism for Digby’s future. In the following pages you will find more detailed information on the dominate positioning our company holds in the industry as well as adjustments to be made to further increase shareholder value.

Best Regards,

Digby Corp.

Corporation Profile:

Overall about the company

Lang, Yan- Chief Executive Office and Chief Operations Officer established Digby, Inc. on January 22nd, 2013. The company’s headquarters are located in center Arlington, TX.

Digby, Corp. is currently one of the leading manufacturers of high quality sensor chips in the United States. Yan founded the company on the premise that it would successfully produce and sell sensors of highest quality and reliability to various segments of consumers with all type of needs, such as those for newness and affordability, and would continue to place a strong focus on research and innovation to persistently cater to these changing needs and maintain a substantial amount of market share in the growing market.

Digby’s product line includes Daze, Dell, Dixie, Dot and Dune, which are sold online, as well as through local technology retailers nationwide. Digby has provided quality products for many successful applications and has helped many companies achieve their project objectives with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our Mission & Vision

“At Digby, Corp., we are dedicated to providing optimal sensors for our customer’s needs and wants. Our guiding objectives are customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our overall goal is to consistently strive to deliver the highest quality products and technology and offer competitive pricing in each and every target segment of users.”


“We want employees to be proud of the work they do, and to remember that they are part of Digby, Corp. committed to providing excellent service and exceptional products to the public,”

Core Values

Integrity — Build mutual trust through ethical and responsible thoughts,...
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