Diffusion on a Liquid in a Liquid

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  • Published: February 10, 2007
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Part A: Diffusion on a liquid in a liquid.

I did an experiment with three different glasses of tap water from the faucet. All three cups measured the same which happened to be 13 cm from the top of the cup to the bottom of the cup. I let the water settle, and sit for about an hour so the temperature was the same for all three cups. I then placed one drop of food coloring into the first glass and waited for the coloring to reach the bottom. I calculated 93 seconds. I then went to the second glass and duplicated the experiment in the same exact manner and counted 107 seconds. Finally I went to third glass, did the same as before and counted for 103 seconds. To figure the rate of diffusion you must divide the distance the dye migrated in cm by the time it took in seconds. For the first glass 13cm/93sec or 0.14 cm/sec, the second glass would be 13cm/107sec or 0.12 cm/sec, and the third glass would be 13cm/103sec. or 0.13 cm/sec. The average diffusion rate among all three glasses would be 0.13 cm/sec. I do hypothesize that the color of the dye would make a difference in this experiment being that dyes may have a thicker consistency depending on what was used in order to make that color, causing it to be denser than that of a simpler color. Also I do hypothesize that temperature has a lot to do with the rate of diffusion being that heat tends to let molecules move more freely. I hypothesis that the results of this experiment do not vary because of the experimenters mood, but perhaps how the experiment was handled, maybe the drop was put in light on one try and then a more forceful drop the following. I do hypothesis a different outcome in the experiment if the water was moving around opposed to sitting still.

Part B: The Effect of Salt Concentration on Osmosis in Potato Cells.


1. The purpose of doing this lab was to recognize the effects that salt, in different strengths, has on cells.

2. Osmosis is the movement of...
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