Diffusion and the Effect of Amylase

Topics: Starch, Glucose, Iodine Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Lab Report


We will interpret and explain the activity of an enzyme added to a solution. We will analyze reactions in different pH ranges. The starch solution will appear blue when mixed with iodine. But after mixing the enzyme amylase to the starch, the starches are broken down into simple sugars. Now, when the iodine is added, no color change exist.

Instruments and materials used:
1.) Dialysis bags x2
2.) Beakers
3.) Test tubes
4.) Water bath
5.) Iodine solution
6.) Starch solution
7.) String x4
8.) Dropper
9.) Thermometer
10.) Salty water for the easy use of the dialysis bags

Set Up:
For the experiment we put the starch in a dialysis bag and close it up tightly with strings, then insert them into a beaker full of iodine solution For the next set up we use the water bath to heat up the starch till a certain temperature, then we pour the heated starch into another dialysis bag, also closing it up tightly then we put the bag into another iodine solution.

The procedure for the first experiment:
1.) Iodine solution and starch is needed. Bring some
2.) Pour starch solution into dialysis a bag (appropriate amount) and close it tightly with strings. Make sure they are closed perfectly (without any leakedge) 3.) Place the dialysis bag (that has the starch inside it) in to the beaker containing the iodine solution. 4.) And observe.

The procedure for the second experiment:
1.) Set up a water bath
2.) Put the starch in a test tube and insert it inside the water bath. 3.) Heat till 40 Degrees Celsius temperature *10 minutes

4.) Remove the test tube and insert it into a dialysis bag
5.) Close it up tightly as mentioned before
6.) And observe.

In the first experiment the starch changes its colour to dark blue/black because the iodine molecules diffused into the starch solution changing its color. In the second...
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