Diffrent Cultes and Diversity

Topics: Spanish language, English language, United States Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: March 24, 2011
In the story Saying “Adios” to Spanglish Leticia Salais writes about how she was embarrassed to speak Spanish in public places. She explains furthermore that her reasoning stems from her poverty growing up. When she had her first son ,she didn’t want her son speaking Spanish, “I never spoke a word of Spanish around him…his grandparents asked why he did not understand what they were saying , I made excuses…in reality I didn’t want him to speak it at all”( 180 Isaacs et al). While working at a nursing home Salais felt at ease with the patients, she met that spoke both English and Spanish. After realizing that being bilingual is a good thing, she started to teach her second son Spanish while her husband taught him English. Firoozeh Dumas explains how complicated it was for her father and mother to learn English. Her father who went to college in America had little to no contact with many Americans during his college years so most of the English language he learn was as technical and not everyday conversation. Her mother took a highly different approach by learning English on game shows and commercials. Since Dumas was bilingual, she went with her mother to translate .She wanted to help her mother and father speak English she says, “I continually encouraged her. Rather than teach her the vocabulary and grammar, I eventually decided to teach her entire sentences to repeat” (24). After trying for years she eventually gave up due to the complexness of the English language and how long her parents have lived in America and still have improved that much. Good Daughter is about a young woman trapped between being American and Korean at the same time. Caroline Hwang admits that she wanted to please her mother and father. Her parents moved to America, had her, and wanted her to be American. One day while picking up clothes, she recognizes the person behind the counter is Korean and Hawng pronounces her name to her. The woman does not understand Hawngs pronunciation but...
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