Difficult to Study in a New Country

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Phuc Nguyen
ESL 0190
Division Essay
“Your life will begin at the time you leave your home to come to a new place by yourself”. My father said at the day I left my country to come to the U.S. as an international student. There are many difficulties for new international students in the U.S. but language, finances, and homesickness are the three most common difficulties that they usually pass with.

Of course, the language which is English, is always the first and the hardest thing that international students have to face. They need it to do everything such as commuticating, learning, and understanding a new culture. For example, the international students need to know about law, and rules to avoid doing wrong, so English is really necessary. They usually have problems with new words and how to use them. Almost all Asian countries have many words that show respect for elders, but English doesn’t have. Thus, Asian students are so confused about it when they’re in a conversation with elders in the U.S. Another reason is culture. I read a book that said “ Language is culture,” so if you can really understand the language, you will understand the culture. I think it’s true. For example, I couldn’t laugh when my teacher told us about a funny story because I didn’t really understand the meaning and the situation of the story or I’m really sad and confused because sometimes some people don’t want to repeat what they said if I couldn’t hear or understand it.These made me feel I’m an alien. Thus, language is really important so it will be the first problem that international students have to face.

Nowaday, power of money is strong. You need money to do everything. It’s bad if you have to depend on someone, and of course your life will be controlled or at least you can’t buy what you want, so the second difficulty is finances. We know that the U.S. is one of the countries with the highest monetary value . Almost all international students come from...
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