Difficult Mothers

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: February 20, 2013
“Difficult Mothers”
In Jamaica Kincaid “The Estrangement” not talking to your mom after a huge fight and 3 years later she’s dead must be hard for someone. Kincaid talks about how when she, and her 3 brothers were young, they saw her as a God, because her mom was always there, making sure if they were alright. Most children think their mother is the number one, especially for man, since they are more related to the mother, and the girls feel more protected with the dads. That is why neither she nor her brothers could understand how the youngest son, when he was dying of AIDS her mother was always taking care of him, helping with his disease. Moms are always trying to see if her children are doing well, trying to make them always feel better when something is going wrong. Kincaid is letting us know how much she suffered with her mom because of her attitude, but when she becomes one, all of this will make sense, all of the drama, the anger, and the great things... She was just being a mom. The oldest sister said that she never knew who her father was, since her mother when she was pregnant, stole money from the dad and ran away, that was the reason why her father never met her, but it was ok with her, since she did not need him. She had the father of her 3 brothers, who knew about him, actually more than the same sons. Physiologists say that “Father is not the person who gives life, but the person who is always there for you” that is why she never wanted to meet the [real father]. Most people might say that her/his mother is never the way she is at home that she is in public, which happens to all of us, don’t you agree? That is why when the mother died, in the funeral everyone was talking so nice about her, how she was so [generous], [kind], etc. But that was not the mother they knew, but totally the opposite. Always telling them horrible things such as, how much she hated the life her children were having. Being a mom has got to be the most beautiful thing in...
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