Difficult Choices

Topics: The A-Team, "I Quit" match Pages: 4 (1391 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Difficult Choices

Ar. J looks a wreck, blood shot eyes, his hair disheveled, shirt sleeves rolled up and un-tucked, he looked furious and is walking towards me. “If you don’t do something about it, the 4 of us will hand in our resignation effective immediately! We don’t care if there are deadlines to be met! The company makes so much money out of us! The projects are so big, and they get paid a lot. What about us? They enslave ourselves to work here and they don’t even want to cooperate with us! We have been here in the office for almost 36 hours now. This is ridiculous! I don’t need this, I quit!, WE quit!” I turn around exasperated and see a few ladies in uniform in the background are sniggering and laughing at the episode.

PA is one of the largest Architectural Design Firms in Asia, having designed more than 8 billion square meters of building floor area and master planned more than 14 billion square meters of land, in 37 countries worldwide. It recently placed 89 out of 100 by the UK based BD World Architecture Magazine, and ranked 8 in the world in the Leisure Market Sector. Headed by it Principal and Managing Partner Ar. P. PA is comprised of a talented pool of about a hundred not only in the Architecture team but also Master Planning, Environmental Planning, Engineering, Interior Design and, Research and Innovations, among others. Each team is headed by an experienced leader/mentor. PA gives their regular employees good benefits of health and life insurance from an international insurance company on top of the local providers, employees have the choice of coming into the office “Flexi-time”, so long as you finish 8 hours a day. There are regular company outings and dinners; there is also opportunity to go for advanced training, partly sponsored by the company. All the staff are required to wear suits, except for HR and reception whom are given uniform.

Ar. G is the Head of the Architecture Design Team, we was once a partner at PA, he left for...
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