Differentiation Factors of Real Estate Industry

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Differentiation of RE companies

Differentiation strategies

In RE industry a lot of brand loyalty and the lower-priced product has yet to create trust from the marketplace. Besides, low-price strategies are often counter-productive as businessmen end up practically starving themselves just to make their products stand out. Therefore, it helps to know just how to differentiate your products, beyond price alone. Quality

This implies that one has an insight, technical means, and the production capability to come up with a product that actually has superior technical specifications as compared to other products in the market. Features

Features hat no other product offers. Just make sure that these are features that actually matter to your target market. The best features are borne out of listening to your market. Get to know your market enough to know what it is that they need – even if they don’t know that they need it yet! Price

Do not just drop prices for the sake of being cheaper. Sometimes strategy backfires, particularly when your product becomes perceived as being cheap and inferior. Instead, see what cost components of your product (or service) can be removed or replaced with little or no impact on its overall perceived quality.

Augmented services
Adding on to the product and bundle extra services as well.
For instance, providing longer warranty periods that can differentiate your product. Something that adds value to the product. Niche marketing
You can make your products stand out by focusing on the needs of a very specific market niche. Choose a segment that is not yet being served specifically. And it should also be a segment that is big enough to provide you with your expected revenues. http://philippines.smetoolkit.org/philippine/en/content/en/6338/Differentiation-strategies
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