Differentiation: Being Independent

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  • Published : December 24, 2012
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Differentiation can be described as being independent and not letting ones family troubles become overwhelming to those individuals in life. The more the person is set out differentiation the more that person will not succumb to personal turmoil. According to Bowen people who are poorly differentiated are people who are always looking for the approval of other people. They are always trying to get accepted by everyone and have everyone be pleased. Bowen also stated that a child who is not differentiated is attached to their caretaker and thus making it hard for the child to become independent and when they grow old look for someone who will fill that void to be dependent on. It is also said that Bowen believed that after years of generational dependence down the line this will turn to develop schizophrenia.

A Well differentiated person is able to recognize how much they are dependent on others and can very well accept criticism and stay calm when approached by others. Thus meaning that this person can have family turmoil’s as well as personal turmoil’s and not be affected so much as to make everyday decisions. This person is able to stay calm under trying circumstances and is able to make decision not based on feelings or feelings of dependence on other. A person who is not self independent can achieve dependence working on it for a long time. Differentiation should be initiated since child hood making it easy for the child to go on their own and do certain things on their own without at a certain age of course looking for the approval of others. Reference

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