Differentiating Between Market Structures Paper

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  • Published : March 14, 2011
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Differentiating Between Market Structures Paper
Differentiating between market structures, labor equilibrium, and public vs private goods encompasses vast quantity information. Public goods and private goods can be similar, however, they mostly diverge into very different directions. Labor market equilibrium, labor supply and demand must be maximized and evaluated to produce profits for any company. Microsoft owns an estimated 90 percent of the market when it comes to operating systems. Does this constitute a monopoly in the data-business world? A federal judge deems that Microsoft is indeed a Monopoly and controls entirely too much of the computer operating system market. "Three main facts indicate that Microsoft enjoys monopoly power," Jackson wrote. "First, Microsoft's share of the market for Intel-compatible PC operating systems is extremely large and stable. Second, Microsoft's dominant market share is protected by a high barrier to entry. Third, and largely as a result of that barrier, Microsoft's customers lack a commercially viable alternative to Windows”. (Moore 1999) Microsoft is a business that provides software and operating systems for business servers, personal computers, laptops, and cellular telephones. The company’s private goods include a line of software that can be purchased separate from their proprietary operating systems; Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook are software available in Microsoft’s popular Microsoft Office package. Microsoft’s operating systems are built to suit a child’s laptop all the way to a company’s mainframe database. Microsoft’s monopoly on software services for computers is not the company’s only services. Some common resources Microsoft shares with many companies are infrastructure design and architecture planning, network and computer services training, and technology consulting. There are many companies worldwide that offer these type services. Microsoft’s operating systems competition in the...
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