Differentiated Marketing About Adidas and Nike Case Analysis

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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We can accurately put the brand into their own brand of ethnic groups, but how do the brands are different ethnic groups within it is very difficult. Your products to meet consumer demand, while other brands can do the same. We all can do, the characteristics of the brand may also be the same or very similar. Want to get rid of other physical attributes of the brand product should escape the shackles of the level,Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 All Black emotional level to shape the brand, the emotional level that is unique to create customer value, to meet consumers may never think of emotional needs, so will your brand with the public different, unique and wonderful feeling to become excellent and superior positioning. In this regard, there are three ways of thinking is worth learning. First, empathy. I found the practice of many years of marketing, business thinking from the perspective of their own, often focused on mining the functionality of the product positioning and selling points, but in fact, only into consumer groups, the emotional interaction with them, to find meet the emotional needs of the consumer brand meaning. According to the latest survey, brand sports shoes, "Nike," the highest price, followed by "Adidas." In China, the "Nike" price higher than the "Li Ning" brand 2.76-fold; However, with the price of living in the same sales --- the first is the "Nike" brand sales of similar brands in the highest. Not surprising that a huge volume of goods more expensive strategy is not surprising,Nike Dunk High Heels White Lime Green but the high prices and high sales volume can be unified, but are rare. Nike is how to do it? Research Nike on thousands of consumer groups conducted a survey of consumers showed that the vast majority of respondents believe that Nike is the mind the most "cool" brand, best embodies the individuality, creativity, dynamic, energy, etc. The groups are very concerned about the emotional value. Can do this mainly because Nike unremitting...
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