Differentiated Lesson Plan

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Cultural Diversity

Differentiated Lesson Plan

December 14, 2009

Differentiated Lesson Plan pg 2

Grade 5- History

Concept: Native American Prospective of Columbus Day

Key unit principals:

- Students will recognize how Columbus' discoveries effected the Native Americans - After reading Christopher Columbus, students will be able to write a story about Columbus' first step on American ground from the Native American point of view - Given the reader's theater on Christopher Columbus, students will be able to place the events of Christopher Columbus' life and voyage in order on a time line with 80% accuracy - Given the reader's theater, students will recognize the characteristics of Columbus by completing a character sketch of him, and having three characteristics in order to pass - Students will be able to write a letter with correct grammar, punctuation and spelling

As a result of this learning experience, students should be able to:

- Discuss and describe the history of the discovery of the America - Understand how this experience affected the Native Americans and the new comers - Describe and compare

Students performing at or below grade level will:

1. Describe what the settlers and the Native American might have looked like.

2. Paint a picture using watercolors to depict Columbus journey to America.

3 Write down in words that describe some of the feelings that the Native Americans may have felt about the newcomers. And some words describing how the settlers may have felt about the Native Americans.

4. Have the students write letters to different organizations for information about Christopher Columbus. Explain to the students what a good letter needs to consist of. For example, the first paragraph should explain what the...
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