Differentiated Instruction

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Differentiated Instruction II
Cher Nickerson-Jemerson
EDU677: Monitor & Evaluating Curriculum & Instruction Systems Thinking

Instructor: MiShawna Moore

December 14, 2011

Differentiated Instruction 2 Teachers that are on a higher plane than the rest, exceptional teachers, are a rare commodity. These are the teachers that come to work not looking at it as a job but as the chosen field that they desired to enter in to. A field that offers many rewarding experiences, and mostly through seeing students achieve. Students’ achievements are dependent upon a teacher’s preparation. One of the most important things that a teacher can do is come to the classroom prepared to teach an effective lesson. For a lesson to be effective, it must contain specific components and reach students at their skill level and ability. Even more work goes into planning lessons that includes the utilization of differentiated instruction. Lessons must be planned in a way of teaching to each student individually by targeting their specific learning styles and skill levels. This is accomplished through tailoring lessons that reaches that student specifically with the help of incorporating activities, games, performances, projects and many other alternatives to basic pencil and paper assignments. Teachers should make sure that the instructions that are planned are adequate for their class. Differentiated instruction is a method of teaching our students in a manner that reaches them through their interests. Differentiation of instruction incorporates teachers thinking outside the box and integrating aspects of instruction that our students can easily relate to. Of course with all instruction there are many different obstacles and issues that can occur. I will further discuss what differentiated instruction is, methods of implementation, and issues that can arise during implementing this type of instruction. Differentiated Instruction (DI) is defined as “a teaching philosophy based on the premise that teachers should adapt instruction to student differences, because “one size does not fit all” (Thousand, 2007). Differentiated Instruction is each educator taking the time to get to know each of their students. Not simply knowing their names, but knowing more personal information about Differentiated Instruction 3 the students is indeed necessary. The educator need to develop profiles of the students listing their strengths and weaknesses, learning preferences, social interests, academic ability as well as their home (culture) life. . “Whenever possible, teachers should integrate the realities of students’ lives, experiences, and cultures into the classroom while validating and affirming students’ identities” (Leiding, 2007). We have to remember that each student is an individual and that teachers must plan lessons that will reach that student and help build up their self-esteem in regards to the group(s), beliefs, interests that they identify with the most. When designing a lesson that incorporates differentiated instruction, we need to identify possible problem areas and challenges, and have solutions that are related to the implementation of differentiated teaching and learning strategies. Infusing differentiated instruction throughout the curriculum is not a simple thing to do, nor is it an impossible one. The entire campus, which includes administrators, all teachers and students, must be open and accepting of this type of curriculum. “Teachers worry that by differentiating, they will make more work for themselves. Initially,...
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