Differentiate Between Epideictic and Deliberative Rhetoric

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Argumentative essay
Essay question: Courses such as the ECU UPC students to develop critical thinking and academic writing skills does not improve the employability of students and are, therefore, of little value. Using evidence to support your answer, explain to what extent you agree or disagree with this opinion.

The critical thinking and academic writing skills that can be learned in ECU UPC improves the employability of students. The University Preparation Course (UPC) in Edith Cowan University (ECU) offers fundamental units that will help the students to improve and increase their employability rate for their future careers. UPC can be completed in a semester on a full-time basis or in a year on a part-time basis. This course offers a pathway for students to enter their chosen tertiary courses in ECU such as criminology, communication and arts, business management, nursing, engineering and others. “Students can enter universities on two pathways through enabling courses: by gaining the requisite entry score through the enabling program or through an assessment of their academic capability and their motivation” (Kavanagh, 2010). Mathematics, Learning skills, Academic writing, Humanities and Science are the units that comprise the UPC. The aim of the UPC is to give students successful transition to tertiary studies. Although some students think that studying UPC improves their employability rate in the future, others still think that studying UPC is not beneficial because it only offers a narrow field of study.

Students who are having UPC argue that the course improves their communication and interpersonal skills which sets them apart from other graduates and thus increase their employability in their future careers. These skills can be developed through the group works and class exercises that were included in studying the course. Academic writing and Learning skills are the units of UPC that tackles and improves the communication and interpersonal...
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