Different Types of Software

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Different Types of Software
Type| Operating systems|
Examples| Microsoft Windows. Linux. Macintosh OS X.|
Purpose| Control your computer.|
More » When you turn on a computer, the operating system is usually the first piece of software you see. It lets you install software, organize your files, and tell your hardware what to do. The operating system keeps all your software and hardware (such as your mouse or printer) working together.| An operating system|


Type| Word processors|
Examples| Word. Corel WordPerfect. AbiWord.|
Purpose| Write essays, novels, reports, or other types of text.| More » Word-processing software lets you fix mistakes in your writing or rearrange text. You can check your spelling or count how many words you have entered. You can decorate your text by making it bold, changing its size, or using a different font.| A word processor|


Type| Spreadsheets|
Examples| Excel. Lotus 1-2-3. VisiCalc.|
Purpose| Track budgets or investments, or make other calculations.| More » Spreadsheets have rows and columns, like an accountant’s ledger. Calculations such as totals or averages can be done automatically.| A spreadsheet|


Type| Presentation software|
Examples| PowerPoint.|
Purpose| Create slideshows for meetings.|
More » Presentations feature short notes, pictures, and charts for an audience to see. You can add sounds or animation to make presentations more interesting.| Presentation software|

Type| Database management systems|
Examples| Access. Oracle. Sybase. 4th Dimension.|
Purpose| Organize and filter lists of data, such as addresses or inventories.| More » A database contains information about groups of things, such as people or books or sales. The information is broken down into categories. For example, a table of books might have categories like title, author, publication date, and number of pages.

A database management system helps you search...
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