Different Types of Paragraph

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Comparison Paragraph

In spite of these differences, the similarities are striding. First, both cities are the political centers of their countries. The president of France lives in the heart of Paris, in the Elysees Palace. Likewise, the president of the United States has its meeting place in Washington, in the Capitol. Second, the two cities look similar. L’Enfant, the French engineer who designed Washington, was greatly influenced by the layout of the capital of France. For this reason, many of the buildings and monuments in Washington are symmetrically located in views of one another, just as they are in Paris. Both cities are also the sites of magnificent monuments, important historical landmarks, fine museums, beautiful parks, and board, treelined avenues. Finally, tourism is as important for Washington as it is for Paris Every year millions of tourists from all parts of the world visit these cities to view their attractions.

Contrast Paragraph

Paris is much older than Washington. The French city is over2000 years old. Washington, in contrast, is very young. It is less than 250 years old. The population of Paris is also much larger than Washington’s Paris has more than 2,500,000 people. Washington has just over 700,000.

Classification Paragraph
Paraphrasing is used for different purposes. Some paraphrases will be designated to support already existing evidence. Others will reinforce argumentation against evidence. Still others will help to develop existing arguments and provide back-up for any conclusion drawn in the course of writing. Depending on the function, paraphrases will be introduced in accordance with their unique context. Quotations require yet another approach. They are not self-expressive because every quotation can signify a number of different things in various contexts. It is both the introduction and the commentary that follows it which decides about its context and the ultimate meaning of a given citation in an essay....
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