Different Types of Defination on Corruption

Topics: Political corruption, Rent seeking, Bribery Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Different Types of Defination on Corruption:-

General Description of Corruption - Rent-seeking or Rent-giving There is a consensus on many issues relating to rent seeking and rent giving behavior and some are given below. 11 Corruption threatens people and their governments. It makes societies unfair. It is argued that bribery is a negotiated rent, as the beginning of all illegalities and tyranny. There is no more powerful engine of injustice and cruelty, for bribery destroys both faith and state. The serious consequence of corruption thus is not only State Capture but also Mind Capture. Rent-seeking behavior occupies the human mind and removes it from useful task. Corruption is universal. It is present in developed and developing countries, in the bureaus of public or private sectors, and in nonprofit or charitable organizations. Shift from governance to management only changes its residence. Consequences of rent seeking and rent giving can be seen on income distribution, consumption patterns (in each social stratification), and rise of an underground economy. Corruption plays a central role in politics thus state objectives. Rent seeking and rent giving are major obstacles in the process of planned change of economic layers. A promise of democracy remains undone. However it does allow selective change in economic-cycle of an individual, an individual household and a business. Media's preoccupation with corruption is understandable because it is a highly marketable commodity since they understand the general public's fascination for seeing prominent personalities in embarrassing situations. The media may have brought this common human frailty into the limelight. However, it is equally possible that unknowingly they may have helped in spreading this meme. No study has been undertaken to assess the effect of media in spreading this meme or in helping to remedy. Increasing public interest and concern over corruption have resulted in a large volume of scholarly...
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