Different Types of College Students

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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“Different Types of College Students”
You have just graduated from high school and have passed the standards of the academic tests you’re administered your junior year of HS before that coveted last year arrives. Your application to college has been accepted and it’s your first day of class. You walk on campus, hopeful and terrified at the same time. And just when you think you’re as far from high school as possible, you find the three typical types of college students, the ones that are not a far cry from the people you survived 9th through 12th grade with. They are the muscle-headed jocks, loud and arrogant but almost essential to school spirit; the nerds, docile and tense with the weight of the world and their GPA’s on their shoulders; and finally, the normal people. The first groups are the jocks, the show-off type of people who take advantage of the nerds and the normal people. These jocks are known to be procrastinators when it comes to turning in their homework assignments and get low scores; they are always partying and wear big leather jackets and always get the prettiest girls on campus to date them. They are rude and take advantage of their friends or own family. That’s the stereotype that most have come to build in their heads when it comes to these football-toting, soccer-kicking, basketball-dribbling kinds of guys. But like I said, a person like that, all that pride, although a little overbearing at times, also serves a purpose. They’re the crimson red of the school spirit that runs in all of us. They stir up the waving flags, foam fingers, and the entire audience dedicating a Friday afternoon to a college football game. They’re...indispensable to our school pride. There’s also, of course, the typical college nerds. They are obsessed with books, studying, and learning new things. They spend most of their time on their computers, expanding their interests and updating the professor on their progress on the latest homework assignment. They...
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