Different Types of Art Forms

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  • Published: July 29, 2008
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In this essay, I will describe four different art forms. I will include painting,

dance, music, and theatre. The characteristics of each discipline will be listed along with

brief explanations of how each element is unique to the discipline.

Oils are one of the oldest forms of art expression. The oils are used most often

because of the ability of the artist to rework the piece because of a slow drying process.

An artist can use defined lines or softened shades to draw attention to a specific object.

The paint may be blended to soften a color, or the artist may choose to use a pronounced

brush stroke to intensify an object.

Water color is also used in painting to create a different type of painting

An artist uses water as a thinning agent to create alternate color combinations. The paint

will most often take on a transparent appearance. An artist must work quickly when

using watercolor to keep the colors from overlapping. Watercolor dries very quickly.

Tempera is another type of painting type. Most of the tempera colors take on a

gem like appearance. Gum or glue is added to the color pigments to form tempera.

Tempera has been used for centuries. It dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Artists are

able to achieve great detail in their work when using tempera.

Acrylic is the last type of painting that I wish to discuss. This type of paint can

be diluted to take on a transparent form or left as a vibrant color. Most acrylic paint is

water soluble. Acrylics dry quickly and thinly. They are used frequently because they

are heat resistant and adhere to other surfaces than canvas.

I will also discuss the several different elements of painting. The line is the

basic element of art. It is used by the artist to form dimension within a painting. It has

three basic characteristics; linear form, a color edge, and an implication of direction. The

line is unique because it...
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