Different Thinking Chinese & American Cross-Cultural Project Management and Internal Problems

Topics: Project management, Management, Construction Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: March 1, 2011
Nowadays, Chinese economy is getting important among the world countries. So doing business in china was considered a smart way to earn money. As many global companies want to earn more money, then they are start their business in china. They all want to receive the success of their business. But when they actually start their business, there are many problems. The reason why there are problems in their projects is, there are several differences between Chinese and American project management usage in internal problem because of the different culture we experiences. There are differences when Chinese and American build a new business plan, face the improvement of productivity, and focus on the different point of the project. When a cross culture company builds a new plan in a project, Chinese and American express themselves in different ways. There must be conflicts when the project developing, because people think in different ways when they face a problem, even it happens in the same country. The author Dennis (2004) mentioned that most Chinese employees use indirect ways to express them, but Americans use direct way. Because of the differences, they experience, they think difference; they have different goals in a project, and they use different way to make sure the plan work through. Chen (2009) did a research called “Schwartz’s Model” which explained how Chinese and American work on a project: in the United States, people use the equal values make sure the work goes flat. But in China, people adopt conservative and accommodates values between hierarchy and harmony. (Chen 2009). Which means American keep the projects in stability; they think every member in the group is equal. Chinese use power to control the employees to keep the project complete on time. So this is the first internal problem. When the company needs to improve the productivity, they solve the problem in different ways. There are different ways to improve the productivity. But Chinese and...
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