Different Thinking Between Generations

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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Difference Thinking between Generations
Young people usually think differently than older people. Each generation doesn’t think the same way in their values, their goals, their fears, or their hopes. I always have to argue with my parents when we have different thinking. It seems that older people always think negatively about young people’s ideas. They don’t want to change because they have never experienced those ideas in their young life. I sometimes feel uncomfortable and misunderstand my parents’ thinking. In my idea, each generation has their own thinking about the subject as living together without marriage, studying at school, and living style.

Older people are very strict about the topic: living together without marriage, but young people think that is the way to find out the best spouse for their life. For example, a woman was punished if she was caught that living with a man who wasn’t her husband. My parents think that is the bad girl. Everybody stayed away from her because she did the worst things ever in the social’ standards. Now is different because I think that is normal. Most of my friends are living with their boy/girl-friends in the same house nowadays. In the modern world, young people are more concentrating on finding their perfect half, so they live together before getting married to know each other well. I heard most couples were getting married with people arranged for them in the past. Now, we have freedom in thinking, so young people want to find their best spouses more than living with the person arranged from their parents. The difference in thinking about this subject always makes me to feel argumentative with my parents.

In the past, older people concentrated on studying at school, but young people don’t think they will successful in future by going to school only. For example, my parents and I always have differences in thinking about my studying. They always want me to finish my college quickly and get good grades to find a...
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