Different Parenting Practices

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Different Parenting Practices

The right parenting style will create healthy, loving children. Parenting involves teaching children how to respect their elders, be obedient, have discipline, as well as provides support and love for your child. There are four identified types of different parenting styles. Which are authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. The type of style that you choose will determine whether your child will be healthy, as well as, whether a loving relationship develops between you and your child. In this paper, I will discuss the types of parenting styles and the best one to foster healthy children.

An authoritarian parent lays down the rules and expects them to be followed without any discussion. These parents are very strict. They don’t allow the child to make choices and they consider what they desire without much consideration of the child’s wishes. Their rules are ridged and inflexible. Children raised by this type of parenting style may become very sheltered with unable to voice their opinions. They may have difficulty with emotional expression, unable to make good decisions which could lead to unhealthy relationships. For example, a child raised by an authoritarian parent, comes home from school and knows that they have to put their backpack in a certain place and what chores must be done. The rules are in place, as well as the expectations for his performance. These children know that there will be consequences if they do not follow these rules. An authoritative parent explains the rules and encourages discussion. This type of parenting style combines the best qualities of the authoritarian and permissive parenting style. These parents spend time with his/her child and explain why certain behavior is wrong and the appropriate behavior prior to administering any type of punishment. They are more reasonable and less demanding of their own way and they consider the wishes of their children. They are patient and...
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