Different Methods of Recruitment

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The Relevance and Effectiveness of Different Methods of Recruitment

A manager can recruit in two different ways. Internal recruitment is when the business looks to fill the vacancy from within its existing workforce. External recruitment is when the business looks to fill the vacancy from any suitable applicant outside the business. The advantages of using internal recruitment are that it is cheaper and less time consuming than external recruitment, people who already work for the business are familiar with the business and know how it operates therefore less training is needed when employing people. Also it provides opportunities for promotion with in the business which can be motivating and gives employees empowerment. Lastly the business already knows the strengths and weaknesses of candidates and therefore knows if they suit the job specification. However the disadvantages of using internal recruitment are that it limits the number of potential applicants and no new ideas can be introduced from outside the business. Also it may cause resentment amongst candidates not appointed and therefore staff may be less motivated to work or may be more absent from work there reducing the labour turnover. Lastly it creates another vacancy which needs to be filled. On the other hand the advantages for external recruitment are that outside people bring in new ideas and skills which can help improve the business, also there is a larger pool of workers from which to find the best candidate. Lastly people from outside the business may have a wider range of experience for other jobs. However the disadvantages are that it is a longer process and a more expensive process due to advertisements and interviews required to find a suitable candidate. The four most popular ways of recruiting externally are:

Job centres - These are paid for by the government and are responsible for helping the unemployed find jobs or get training. They also provide a service for businesses...
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