Different Meditation Techniques

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  • Published : February 20, 2011
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Appendix A

Meditation Worksheet

Directions: Locate two resources on the Internet that explain meditation techniques. Copy and paste the Web address into the top of the matrix. After reviewing the Web site, provide a brief summary for each source. Below your summary, list two interesting facts you learned from each site. Try the techniques you located in your Internet search. Provide a brief description of what happened in your experience.

Be sure to answer the two questions below the matrix also.
Web Address (URL):| http://www.freemeditations.com/| http://www.healthandyoga.com/html/meditation/chakras.htm| Summary of resource:| This web site offers many different types of meditation. I chose one of the many different meditation techniques. Mindfulness Meditation, also known as Insightful meditation, is a technique of introspection or insight through which individuals can obtain a clear picture of their thoughts and inner states, focus those thoughts, and even train their mind to perceive things and situations more effectively.The practice of mindfulness meditation focuses attention on our thoughts, actions, and present moments non-judgmentally. It also helps and trains one’s mind from getting distracted by outside disturbances and enables us to focus our thoughts and relax the mind.| This meditation technique is called Chakra Meditation. It can be done sitting or lying down. You being by closing your eyes, adjusting your body, and clothing. Let your breathing relax, slow and deepen, but do not control the breathing. Bring awareness to the spinal passage. Spend a few minutes establishing the inner breath pattern up and down. Begin to focus on general location of the seven chakras. Try to feel the location of each station and mentally repeat its name as you pass by it. This type of meditation is intended to open the seven chakras of an individual. | Two interestingFacts: | 1. This type of meditation can be practiced...
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