Different Management Styles

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Cher Glenn’s Leadership Style
and How It

Affects the Job Performance

and Satisfaction

of Employees at Corner Bakery Café


I have chosen to study Corner Bakery Café and how tenured manager Cher Glenn’s leadership style affects the employee’s job performance and satisfaction. First, what exactly is Corner Bakery Café? Corner Bakery Café is a part of the fast casual segment of the food service industry. Corner Bakery Café has over 30 cafes in the Chicago land area, and I will focus on store number 62, which is located in the downtown area of Chicago. Corner Bakery Café was established, 1991 by Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, a Chicago themed restaurant operator. In 1995, Corner Bakery Café was sold to Brinker International who currently own Chili’s, Macaroni Grill and Big Bowl just to name a few. In 2005, Corner Bakery Café became independent but is affiliated with Il Fornaio Corporation which is based in Dallas, Texas.

Corner Bakery Café is a part of the fast casual segment of the food service industry. Initially this means that Corner Bakery Café’s food is of higher quality, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and there is limited table service.

Corner Bakery Café essentially started out as a little bread bakery but eventually involved into a chain of cafes serving sandwiches, paninis sweets, soups, salads, and pasta. Corner Bakery Café is known for making the guests happy and dedicated to keeping our neighbors, friends, and family in their special Corner of the world.

Corner Bakery Café store number 62 is the largest café in the Chicago land area and has the greatest retail profit in Chicago. There are approximately 57 employees, 3 managers, 1-2 shift supervisors and a general manager working at this location at all times. The culture of this location is rather different from the rest due to the high volume, number of employees, and number of managers on the management team. Who is Cher Glenn? Cher Glenn is a salaried manager and has been with Corner Bakery Café for nine years at the Store 62 location. “She has a unique leadership style which makes you either love her, or dislike her”, says Ariel Jones, who has been a cashier at this location for a little over 3 years. Cher uses both authoritarian and delegative leaderships styles to get tasks completed by employees. My role? I am a shift supervisor at Corner Bakery Café Store 62. I have worked with Cher Glenn as an employee as well prior to working with her on the management team. As an employee I was ready to quit because of how she didn’t communicate expectations to me of a task and then still didn’t explain anything to me when she saw that I didn’t understand. As a part of the management team I try and express to her how the employees feel when she expects them to know how to do things that they’ve never been taught or shown, or when she tries to take over a task that she has assigned a tenured employee to do as if they aren’t completing it quickly enough. [pic]

Corner Bakery Café’s store number 62’s primary style is dependent. In my opinion this means that many employees may feel as if their efforts don’t count for much. They may feel as if they try to do their job to the best of their abilities, but either it is not recognized due to a lot of changes, or managers who may be power stricken. Store number 62’s secondary style is humanistic-encouraging. This means that most of the time management cares about the employees needs and encourage them, but a small amount of time management doesn’t. Management feels as if they can assist employees and be supportive of them most of the time. Store number 62’s weakest style is competitive. The management team doesn’t make the employees compete against each other. Things are defined in competitive terms for the employees. Store 62 works as a team to get things done not on an individual basis.

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