Different Factors Affecting Osmosis

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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How Do Different Factors Affect Osmosis

Aim: To discover The Different factors that affect osmosis.
Factors that affects the rate of osmosis in a potato:
* Time
* Temperature
* Molar
* Sucrose solution
* NaCl solution
* Concentration of liquid
* Age of the potato
* Variety of the potato
* Potassium, K(AQ)
Factor Chosen: Different Molar of Sucrose Solution
In this investigation I will change the molar of sucrose solution to find the increase or decrease in mass change and also the higher or lower the mass change of the potato chip from its original weight will determine the rate of osmosis which has occurred. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that changing the molar of sucrose solution will change the weight of a potato chip after a set time. Prediction: I predict that the higher the concentration of water outside of the potato (in the test tube) the more mass the potato will gain, however the higher the concentration of sucrose the more mass the potato will lose. So therefore the potato chips placed in 0 molar will gain mass, the chip placed in 1 molar will stay approximately the same and chip in molar 2 will lose mass. There are many things which may affect our experiment such as the volume of the sucrose and water solute liquid must be kept the same to make the test repeatable. We must also keep the weight of the chip the same constantly as it is an independent variable. Osmosis will allow the water Variables:

The independent variable is the concentration of the sucrose solution to water. The dependent variable is the change in weight of the potato chip after it has been in the sucrose and water solution. The control variables are; the size of the potato chip; the type of potato used; the total amount of sucrose solution and water; the temperature where the experiment takes place and the type of solute used in the experiment. These control variables are to uphold the reliability and fairness of the experiment also by...
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