Different Cultures

Topics: Culture, Life, Personal life Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: September 30, 2012
The major number of people in the world has a desirable wish to travel around the world or just to visit some particular countries. I consider traveling as one of the most popular type of hobby, which is really adventurous and has many surprises within it. To my mind, it is the best entertainment and it’s definitely full of wonderful things despite the fact that there are also some disadvantages of it. Firstly, traveling allows you to broaden your mind and get to know different cultures. In my opinion, getting more information about other’s people way of life and their cultural heritage is exciting and adventurous as knowledge makes our lives brighter. Furthermore, you can share this experience with your friends afterwards. For example, when I visited Indonesia, I tried to get to know as much information about it as possible as their culture and way of life differ from Belarusian very much. In addition, I had a chance to see a great number of animals that I’ve never seen and heard about before. Outstanding tropical forests, beautiful nature, Indian Ocean, local people created the best relaxing atmosphere and gave an opportunity to gain life experience. Also it was very pleasant to share feelings and emotions about this journey afterwards. Secondly, when you travel you somehow develop your personal skills such as independency and self-discipline. In order to reach your final destination you should be capable of orientating at the airport and dealing with problems that may occur during your journey. It is important not to get lost at the airport as you must not be late for your flight. Therefore, if you orientate well at the airport and arrive there in time this develops your self-discipline which is rather important in everyone’s life. Also while traveling you might face some problems such as misunderstanding, lost luggage or if you transfer doesn’t come on time. When such problems take place, you have to deal with them by being able to find the information point...
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