Different Cultural Practices in the Philippines Which Could Affect Our Health

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Christille Lindy Joyce D. Caluyo

1) Different cultural practices in the Philippines which could affect our health.

• Filipinos believe that some illnesses are caused by evil spirits that enter the body which are cast by “Manga ga mud”. • “Manga ga mud” casts spells on people if they are jealous or disliked. They take personal items such as, clothing, a brush (to obtain a piece of hair), pictures, jewelry, etc. It is also done by food poisoning. • These people who became sick / cursed ask help from herbalaryo/arbolaryo. They are also called witch-doctors. • The herbalaryo may treat "Manga ga mud" by gathering unmarried individuals, and a bag of rice. • This treatment involves a night of ritual sprinkling of rice, dining and dancing to Filipino music. • After the night of festivities, everyone will say a Filipino prayer for the person who has been cursed. They believed that this treatment would remove the curse from the affected person.

Halaman (Medicinal Herbs & Plants)
• Filipinos also believe in the healing effects of nature. • Medicinal herbs & plants like ginger, garlic, and chives are used to treat different sickness.

• Filipinos believe that religion is closely tied to health. Younger Filipino gives importance to prayer. •Filipinos are religious people that they entrust their health to their faith. •Prayer also has a role in the understanding of health. Regardless of how religious each age category, there is a consistent belief that God is present at work in times of illness. •In the case of terminal or serious illness, Filipino accepts the situation in a sense that “it is God’s will.

Superstitious Beliefs
•Many of Filipino’s believe on superstitious things such as if you comb your hair at the night, someone will die or eating twin bananas will helmyou conceive a twin. •These beliefs are not scientifically proven and can only be supported by the word of our ancestors. •Maybe these...
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