Different communication style between the male and female

Topics: Female, Male, Sex Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: October 29, 2013
 Different communication style between male and female In daily life, there are plenty of the different communication styles between the male and female you may have experienced. For example, female usually express their sadness openly than male; male just state their desires but tend not to give the reason; female use conversation to be intimate with others in various ways. These phenomena indicate the different communication styles exist between the male and female. This essay we will look at the different communication styles between the male and female. From the Pease and Pease’s (2000) research, they shows that the male and female have differences in brain development cause the different in communication skills and vocabulary development. Because of the male’s two hemispheres less connecting than females’, lead to male separate to deal with left and right brain issues. As a result, male will more tend to dealing with a problem separate the emotion which can be generate by this problem. (Nadeau, 1996) On the contrary, female are more likely to bring more or less emotion to dealing with a problem because their two hemispheres have stronger connectors than male’s brain. (Pease and Pease, 2000) For this reason, female usually express their emotion openly than male. In Tannen’s (2001) research, she believes that there are conditioned and socialized as a “proper ways” of communication in the different worlds between male and female from an early age. In addition, the male’s groups always have a person as a leader to gives orders and make sure the orders are followed by members, in order to establishing his status. This behaviour may originate from their socialized impact from the early age. Furthermore, male just state their desires but not to give the reasons and likely to telling jokes which is they want to impress others and establish their status in their ways. (Tannen, 2001) On the other hand, female use conversation to be intimate with...
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