Different Aspect of Chinese Culture and Their Impact on Marketingd

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  • Published: May 3, 2012
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Chinese Culture
Different Aspects of the Culture
their impact on Marketing

Submitted By:
Aasim Mukhtar
Bilal Ahmad
Muhammad Salman Jeelani
Umer Mujtaba
Culture indeed plays a very important role in deriving the Marketing strategies of a Firm. A good marketer is the one who adapts to the culture he is selling in and alters his Marketing Mix accordingly. In the current assignment we have selected China, one of the BRICS Nation, and analyzed how different aspects of the Chinese Culture impacts the Marketing Mix and how a marketer should respond to ensure he could grab a good market share while working in China. Chinese culture is one of the richest and oldest cultures. What makes Chinese culture unique and catchy is the fact that the Chinese all over the world observe their culture with huge amount of enthusiasm and commitment. Four Major aspects of the Chinese Culture that we have analyzed in this paper are: * Collectivism

* Degree of uncertainty avoidance
* Masculinity, and
* Power Distance
China as a society is more toward collectivism then individualism. Historically china has long been a family-run country, major portion of the society belongs to agriculture and live in rural areas of a country. Farm and family are the two basic institutions in china which are collectivist in nature. From childhood they trained and learned to work together and believe in “we” not in “I”. So from childhood they are integrated into strong cohesive in-groups. In China it is really hard to disagree with someone opinion in public. A direct argument is always avoided. Harmony and loyalty in any institution (in the form of company, family and even in country) is always important. You do not say in public “free Tibet”. They are highly context society. Instead of saying “No”, expressions or phrases are used for disagreement. We have seen many examples of their collectivist thinking in business e.g. in case of Lenovo where Chinese...
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