Differences in Triel and Grand Jury

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"List and explain the differences between a trial jury and a grand jury."
With every person convicted they have a right to trial and jury. There is a grand jury. Second kind of jury is a trial or petite jury. If the paragraphs below I will try to explain the differences between the two .

A grand jury is a group of jurors who hear testimony for the prosecution's witnesses as well as a statement about the crime from the prosecutor. A grand jury is run mostly by the prosecutor, and although the suspect does have a right to speak at a grand jury hearing, he or she can only be cross-examined by the prosecutor, and the defense attorney plays no role.Most grand juries contain between sixteen and twenty-three jurors.A grand jury is closed to the public.Most grand jury hearings consist only of the witnesses, the jurors and the prosecutor.A grand jury consists of jurors who serve for the period of a court term, which can be up to eighteen months.

A petit or trial jury is a group of jurors who hear testimony from both sides during a criminal trial proceeding. The petit jury's purpose is either to convict or acquit a defendant of criminal charges. A petit jury consists of six-to-twelve jurors. The petit jury must convict or acquit. A petit jury trial is open to the public. A petit jury trial can have as many attendees as the court room can hold. Most petit juries consist of jurors who are selected to participate in one single trial, which often lasts less than ten days. Even high-profile cases last a few months at most, and after that, the jurors have completed their service.

In a trial overseen by a petit jury, the jurors must be unanimous in their decision to convict or acquit. If the jury is split one way or another, the judge will declare either a hung jury or a mistrial, and the prosecution can try the case again if the people wish. However, a grand jury does not have to be unanimous. The exact number or jurors varies from state-to-state, but in federal grand...
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