Differences in the Communication Style of Both Genders

Topics: Flat organization, Communication, Organization Pages: 7 (2056 words) Published: July 8, 2011
Differences in communication style between men and women are visible physically, mentally and behaviorally. These two genders are different at the way how they act, sense, think and speak. Furthermore, one of the major dissimilarity between the sexes is the way they communicate. Therefore, the major common of dissimilarity in communication affects both sexes in every perspective.

Men always seem to have conflict when they asked for help but this circumstance could not really be understood by most of the women. They often think that the women are working hard in order to influence and conquer them. Therefore, men always think that doing what they are asked to do by women represents that they have lost position in that relationship. Men communication style is more to explore in order to create, control and preserve status, while women's communications is more open or rule by agreement. Women will actually request for participation of the other women which present during the communications and they will construct a conclusion based on the desire of all. People may get the feeling that the way of women communicating style is much better than the way men communicates. From the time when the emergence of women movement, a lot of people stated that sometimes men do not know how to converse correctly. Women must always learn that all the intimate chatter which they are having with their girlfriends should always remain just that. Working hard to change the man into a girlfriend will not succeed because men do not have the thoughts of intimacy in that way. Men, too can realize that when woman is talking, she is trying to attach to him. When women are talking, it does not mean that she is attempting to adjust the condition of their relationship. In summary, it is simple to observe that major sources of fuel for the conflict between genders is this very much dissimilar way of communicating. Possibly if both genders stop expecting each other to communicate just the way they were, then we would have sufficient power left to appreciate how gender praises each other in a fantastic way. An organization to minimize communication barriers and difficulties An organization with a constant external environment and where changes are minor or time-consuming and essential decision making is made by the top is more suitable with a tall organization structures. In this tall structure occur communication barriers and difficulties while in the lines of authority among supervisors and subordinates. In this organization the decision making may slow down as the agreement may need by each of the layers of authority.

In this tall organization structure those staff which working in it where as their experiences are low, while they working in this organization their external environment are stable. Process of communications for staffs in this organization may be slow because the communications has to undergo each and every layers of the top management. Furthermore, this tall organization structure is narrow internal working and tall also known as autocratic, for this organization structure workers who are working inside are narrow working and they are autocratic.

On the other hand, staffs in an organization that needed immediate answers and responses from the top management team without waiting too long are more suitable with the flat organizational structure. Flat organizational structure is better compare to the tall organizational structure and eventually flat organizational structure involved human resources with high potentials to control and manage workers, and also the communication between management and workers are more.

In this flat organization, staff’s bureaucracy and easier decision making are less and also their team works are better. Other than that, staff which working in this organization where as their experience are high, while they working in this organization their external environment are dynamic. Besides that staff which...
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