Differences in Health Traditions

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Differences in Health Traditions between Three Cultures
There are many different traditions among different cultures. One culture I learned about was Vietnamese culture. My friend told me that her culture does not like going to the doctor unless they are “dying”. They believe in Acupuncture and breathing in steam made of herbs and plants. They practice oriental medicine such as cupping and coining. The Vietnamese believe that these procedures take away pain and sickness. They also believe that showing signs of pain and discomfort brings shame to them. For example the Vietnamese believe the women must experience pain and discomfort as part of childbirth. If she were to express these feelings it would bring shame upon her.

Another culture I was able to ask questions about was of Muslim religion. She was Arabian. For Arab families, honor is one of the highest values. Family honor is dependent upon female purity, extreme modesty and sexual segregation must be maintained at all times. Women are not to be alone with male health care providers. Muslim men may be reluctant to see a female provider. Many Muslims delay accessing health care and end up with advanced diseases by the time they seek medical care. Pregnant women seek out female OBGYNs. Muslims also believe they must pray five times a day to Mecca, the Holy Land by praying on a prayer rug on the floor.

As for my beliefs in health care, I believe that is very important to seek medical care when it is needed. My family goes every year to have our annual health screenings. When we are sick for more than 48-72 hours we seek medical care. When medication is order we take it. I don’t practice in any religious traditions nor is there any particular belief that changes my mind on health care. Some of my family has a more strict belief that praying and leaving our health in God’s hands is all we need to do. That part of my family also believes Vicks vapor rub cures all sickness.

There are so many different...
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