Differences in Characters in Titus Andronicus

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Kristen Fultano
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Paper 1- Titus Andronicus

In most of Shakespeare’s plays, there are two battling groups that develop the central conflicts of the plays. With groups, one could compare and contrast them and usually choose a side that they associate with more. There is, in most cases, a “good” group and a “bad” group. In Shakespeare’s play, Titus Andronicus, he develops two different groups of people. These groups are neither good nor bad because they go back a forth throughout the play seeking revenge and portraying the “bad” kind of characters. In the first group called the Romans, there is the main character Titus and his family consisting of his sons and daughter. The second of the groups called the Goths that contains the other main character Tamora and her family of her sons and new husband and acquaintances. Each group has two completely different sets of morals in the play, and can be identified as two different groups that are complete opposites of each other

The Romans: Titus, Lavinia, Lucius, Marcus, Martius, Mutius, and Quintus are categorized as very traditional. They all keep to the Roman laws and do not usually go outside of the lines. This is such as in the beginning of the play; the people of Rome want Titus Andronicus to be there new ruler. Titus respectfully declines one because he is old but secondly it is not his place to be. He gives the seat to the eldest son of the deceased Rowan emperor when he says, Tribunes, I thank you: and this suit I make,

That you create your emperor's eldest son,

Lord Saturnine; whose virtues will, I hope,
Reflect on Rome as Titan's rays on earth, 

And ripen justice in this commonweal: 

Then, if you will elect by my advice, 

Crown him and say 'Long live our emperor!' (1.1.248)
He does not even seem to give the other brother, Bassisnus, a chance to have the throne. Giving the throne to the eldest son is the traditional way and that is the way Titus wants it to be....
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