Differences in Brand Name Between East and West

Topics: Translation, Brand, Trademark Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: May 16, 2012
Brand name is a kind of intangible assets to the enterprise. It plays an important role in marketing activity, which involves lots of connotations, imagination and hopes. Besides, a brand name is the bridge between the customers and the product. A good brand name can bring great benefits, while a poor brand name may jeopardize a business. The importance of the brand name has aroused great interest in another closely related area, trademark translation. With the development of globalization of economy and China’s entry into the WTO, the contact and communication between two countries increases, more and more foreign products, enterprises and services are brought into china, and meanwhile more and more Chinese products, enterprises, services are also brought into other countries. The translation of brand name becomes more and more important. Products or services accept it or not, are influenced by the advertisements when they are brought into another country. A well translated trademark not only reflects the brand image but also provides the culture of the enterprise to the target language consumers. Thus, to a great extent, the translation of trademark decides the product sale status. We can say the translation of trademark is of great significance. Every country has its own culture; every culture is special and unique because of its history of development and geographical environment. So it is often to find that a trademark of the same product in one country is popular, but in another country it is unpopular. A quality trademark translation should overcome the obstacles which is cultural differences between different ethnic groups. Because of the different culture, and the different language, the translators need to pay more attention to the trademark translation. If there is something wrong, it will affect the sale of the merchandise. What’s more it will bring negative effects between two countries. In this chapter we will discuss the effect ion of cultural...
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