Differences Between Ww1 & Ww2

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Compare & Contrast

Most people would agree that all wars are terrible and have great affects on everyone in its path. Some believe that all wars are the same, each war ending with deaths, casualties and destruction. Now, two very important wars, World War One and World War Two easily did just that. Both of these wars involved multiple countries to fight in it. These two wars were extremely great in size compared to most other wars. Although World War One and World War Two were both worldwide wars they are very different in a war tactics and women’s roles. World War One and World War Two were known for using major war tactics. Trench Warfare was invented by the Germans and was later discovered to be one of the worst war tactics. It was a tactic where trenches were dug underground for soldiers to live in and wait for battle. Military troops fought to break through enemy lines by attacking the suicide chargers who ran into machine gun fire. Machine guns were new in this time and were becoming a popular war weapon. While World War two used the tactic of Blitzkrieg which was very different approach compared to trench warfare. Blitzkrieg was a war tactic that involved suddenly and quickly attacking the enemy on land as well as in the air. Leaving the enemy blindsided by the sudden attack. Both of theses great wars also had different takes on women’s roles. In World War One women began to take on roles primarily meant for men. Such as post women, bus conductors, farming and plenty more. Women were not only taking on roles meant for men but the overall employment rate increased for even traditional women’s jobs. In this period in time, women were beginning to gain more respect for showing that they could work at various jobs. While World War Two is much like World War One when it comes to women roles, it does however have a major difference. Women during World War Two began to not only take on more jobs but they more specifically began to take part...
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