Differences Between Us, England, and Bermuda

Topics: Separation of powers, Constitutional monarchy, United States Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Haley Bouwman
Ms. Caven
17 August 2011
Differences and Similarities
The United States. Britain. Bermuda. How could these three countries possibly be related in any way, shape, or form? How could they be so completely different if they all have the same official language? It is because there are many different aspects in order to make up these countries. There is the issue of food. Also governmental structure. Then there is their economic status and their social currencies. Education is also a very big issue. Last but not least, all countries are from different areas of the world meaning that there are multiple languages frequently spoken in each.

One way Britain stands out from both countries is that it has a Constitutional monarchy. This means that there was a constitution passed. It was the first in the world to limit the power of the monarch. Its name is the Magna Carta. This means that the country wanted their rights so they wrote them down and made them legal. Although they have a monarch, or a royal family, the Queen doesn’t have actual power. Although, the army still swears allegiance to the throne. Also, the Prime minister and the government run the country. Those are the people who make all decisions pertaining to Britain’s people. The royal family is merely a show put on to continue old traditions.

Bermuda’s form of a constitution came in a written document 96 pages long, which went into effect on June 8, 1968. The Bermuda Constitution is not like other constitutions which cover all nationals and non-nationals. The Bermuda one covers Bermudians and their spouses only. It doesn’t apply to the people on the island who aren’t considered Bermudian and probably will never be unless they marry a Bermudian or have one parent who is 100% Bermudian. Also, the Bermuda Government has three main branches, Executive, Legislative and Judicial which registers in the British “Westminster” government. Although Bermuda doesn’t have a president or a prime...
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