Differences Between Toefl Ibt and Toefl Pbt

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To study abroad, passing TOEFL test is one of the most important doors to international students. There are two official sorts of TOEFL: PBT and iBT. There are similarities as well as differences between these two sorts. Similarly, first, PBT and iBT both check the testers the ability in English. They help students accurately recognize which English level they are. Moreover, these tests help international students have an opportunity to study abroad if they have high scores. Next, in PBT and iBT test, they also contain three parts: Reading, Listening, and Writing. These skills help students be more fluent in academic English environments. Not only do the PBT and the iBT have the similarities, but they also have some differences. To begin with, the TOEFL PBT, which is original test, is paper-based test so the testers use a pencil to check the correct answers and write down their essay. On the other hand, because the TOEFL iBT, which is new test, is internet-based test, the testers must use computer for this sort of test. They have to tick their answers on the screen and type their essays by keyboard. Furthermore, beside the same three sections that are Reading, Listening, and Writing, the TOEFL PBT has one more section is Structure while the TOEFL iBT add Speaking part. Eventually, it takes 2 hours for the testers of the TOEFL PBT, which the score is from 310 to 677. Unlike that, the TOEFL iBT, which is 0 – 120 points, lasts longer: 4 hours for each section has more tasks than the other one. To sum up, even though there are some similarities and some differences between two English tests: TOEFL PBT and TOEFL iBT, each sort also has its own benefits and they are served for different people with different situations.
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