Differences Between the B2B and B2C Sites

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  • Published : July 30, 2007
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In past years, the internet and the World Wide Web has revolutionized the way companies conduct business. Today, many companies rely on the Internet to support much of their sales, customer service, back office and supply efforts. Business-to-business and business-to-customer e-commerce is a growing way of doing business and is accounting for millions of dollars in goods exchanged online through the streamlined processes of the internet. This paper will address and summarize the differences between the B2B and B2C sites. It will analyze also the advantages and disadvantages of each site type and will explain the differences in the supply chain processes within the two sites.

What is the definition of B2B?
"On the internet, B2B (business-to-business), also known as e-biz, is the exchange of products, services, or information between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers. B2B is e-commerce between businesses. An earlier and much more limited kind of online B2B prior to the Internet was Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which is still widely used "(Whatis.com, 2001, para. 1).

B2B Web sites can be broken down into:
a). Company web sites
b). Product supply and procurement exchanges
c). Specialized or vertical industry
d). Brokering sites
e). Information sites

As the name indicates B2B means businesses that sell to other businesses. It specifically caters one business to another business. It is providing in-house service or e-networks for other businesses to utilize, in order to increase function, marketing, sales, profits, or efficiency. Examples can include: microsoft.com, ibm.com, worldwideretailexchage.org., basically anything targeting business owners, managers, and decision makers. The major characteristic of B2B supply chain is that companies attempt to automate the trading process in order to improve it. Such approach leads to saving of tremendous amount of time and money. Through B2B, businesses can...
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