Differences Between Summer and Winter

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Contrast essay
April 29th 2011
Differences between Summer and Winter
Both summer and winter are the two of four seasons in the world. In summer, the view of plants is beautiful as the same in winter. Even though there are several similarly points between summer and winter, but there are still have three main different things which are clothing, activities and food. The first different thing between summer and winter is clothing. In summer, people like to wear short pants or skirts and like to wear bikini to the beach because of the weather is extremely hot; in contrast, people like to wear sweater, scarf or long pants in winter. Different places may have different clement, but for most of people they would using gloves in winter but not in summer. For example, when you see a friend’s clothing on the photo, you can easy to guess that how’s the weather in your friend’s location. Another different thing between summer and winter is activities. There are many different activities you would do between summer and winter, such as you would go surfing, go to the beach or go to the water park in summer, but you won’t do that in winter. For winter, you will do some different activities between summer, like go skiing and having a wonderful dinner on Christmas day. There are some of different activities between summer and winter. The final different thing between summer and winter is food. For example, you would like to eat ice cream in summer, but you would like to eat hot pot in winter. When I was in high school, my friends and I would like to eat a lot of ice cream after class in summer. In winter, because of the temperature, we usually eat hot pot to let our body keep warm. We should eat ice cream or cold water in summer, but have hot tea or hot pot in winter; it seems like a rule that we can’t see. Above of all, there are three different things you would do between summer and winter. Between summer and winter, temperature, views and...
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