Differences Between Strategy and Approach

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  • Published : July 12, 2011
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Differences between strategy and approach
Strategy is a plan for something or a course of action. As an example, how are you going to accomplish something would be strategy. It can be divided into short term and long term strategy planning. The purpose of strategy is to enhance potential to learn new skills. This is because a well-planned strategy acts as a guide to acquire new skills for example, in playing basketball. It also enables learners to plan, organize, monitor, guide and reflect on learning. This can produce a better outcome in the context of acquiring knowledge. Not only that, strategy also promotes self-regulated learning. There are basically three types of strategy which are goal setting, imagery and self-talk. These are different in their respective way therefore serves a slightly different purpose of strategy planning.

Approach is an idea or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation, where else in the context of physical education, approach are ideas or actions that are intended to ensure the development of the human body, stressing athletics and including hygiene. There are many types of approaches for example, psychological approach and learning approach. These are ways in which it is a detailed form of strategy that shows how a situation or problem can be solved. In a game of basketball for example, a strategy of winning the game is the big umbrella term but approach is actually how you do it such as how to handle with fatigued athletes.
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