Differences Between My Best Friend and I

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It’ is hard to believe that my best friend Kelly and I have a lots of differences. Even though, we love each other we are completely different In our personalities, work experience and how we take care of our family. We both have great personalities. Kelly and I have been friends since I was 5 years old. We went to the same school and stayed in the same class until we went to high school. For example, Kelly is very friendly and she has a great humor. She is very outgoing and love to talk with different people , even people she just Met .On the other hand, I am very shy and serious kind of person. I do not like to talk with other people. For these reason is hard for me to make new Friend . To illustrate that ,when we are invited to our neighbor birthday party , so we went to celebrate with his family and friends. The party was full of strangers and Kelly began to talk with those strangers. All I did was seat in the table alone and wait for someone to talk to me. Kelly came and start to introduce me to her new friends . I feel so proud of her , because if wasn’t for her , I never have the courage to introduce myself to them.

Another example, is that Kelly and I have different kinds of works . She works as secretary and I work as house cleaner .She had this great job in Boston as secretary .It is near her house, she has a great salary and a month of vacation paid every year .Her job is so easy and she just have to answer the phone ,book appointments and be in the office the whole day. However, I work as house cleaner , it is very hard work by cleaning other people dirty houses. One of the problems is that I spend a lot of money on gas, cleaning products and vacuum repairs. My salary is not stable it depends in how many houses I clean every week. Paid vacation forget about it . Finally is our Family, that is the best and important gift that anyone can have .Kelly and I have a wonderful family, we both have kids and we have been married...
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