Differences Between Mla and Apa

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Differences between MLA and APA Format

There are a few differences between MLA and APA format. Most of it has to do with citing references. The APA format adheres more to the paper that is focusing on writing about something such as; criminal justice, the medical field, and even law because it deals with psychology and social sciences. Literature, mass communications, and media are more focused areas when writing in MLA format.

The main idea of writing in either MLA or APA format is to get the point across when using citations. Researching and annotating facts are all part of any writing process. It is called “Works Cited” when writing MLA format, and References when writing in APA format. When writing in MLA, there is no abstract. APA requires an abstract with margins and alignments throughout the paper. Another difference is the title page. When writing MLA, the author’s last name and page number is used, and in APA, the first few words of the title are used with the page number, in the upper right hand corner. There is also a running head on the title page of APA format which is separate from the rest of the paper where in MLA format there is not a separate title page. When citing on the bibliography page, APA format uses the author’s whole last name, and the initial of the first name of the author. When using MLA format in citing, the author’s whole last name and first name are used.

There are not that many differences between MLA and APA format. However, they make the same point when writing, that is to get to the point. When a reader or even the writer is reading their work, they will know the difference between MLA and APA format.
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