Differences Between Cuba and Usa

Topics: Democracy, United States, United States Constitution Pages: 6 (2003 words) Published: November 10, 2012
With the human civilization is progressing, there are several kinds of political system appeared in the world. It seems that an important reason that results in some countries are democratic or some countries not. Therefore, this essay will discuss 2 countries America and Cuba, which are liberal democracy country and non-democracy (authoritarian regime) country respectively. What are liberal democracies and authoritarian regime? What class of politics system runs in those two countries? How does politics system runs in those two countries and changes them. Following will help to further show what above is. This essay will also compare the some aspects of them, which are economics, party of country, human right.

According to Hague and Harrop(2010, p89), “liberal democracy is a compromise”, liberal democracy makes government obey rules of law. It also equals liberal can limited government, and the final aim is protect citizens have their individual liberty. Whereas, non-liberal democracies are nearly regard as authoritarian and totalitarian. Now following will begin to simple introduction of Cuba and the Unite States.

Corroding to the The World Factbook (2012), Cuba, which is an island country in the Caribbean, official name is the Republic of Cuba and official language is Spanish. Havana not only is the largest city in Cuba, but also the capital of this country. The population of Cuba is over 11.072 million (July 2012 est.). Communist party of Cuba (Spanish: Partido Comunista de Cuba, PCC) is the only one and legal party in this country. In addition, any politics activity is not by PCC will be punished by government. The GDP of Cuba is $114.1 billion (2011 est.).

Corroding to the The World Factbook (2012), the United States of America, which also called the U.S., the United States, the USA, America, and the States, is a federal constitution republic comprising fifty states and a federal district. The official language of majority states is English. The population of America is over 313.847 million (July 2012 est.). America has several politics parties. Only the Democratic Party and the Republican Party dominate the American politics, although other parties existed as well. The GDP of America is $15.04 trillion (2011 est.).

As many politics scientist argue that Cuba has a totalitarian system, which is one of minority socialism countries, insists to keep planned economy. The constitution defines Cuba as "an independent and sovereign socialist state of workers" by Sawyer (2006,p.10). Therefore, it means most or all the productions belong to government and people only can be divided food and life productions something like that by government. People earn work from government. But some aforementioned situation have changed, Cuba has a trend to reduce the control of private employment since 1993. A pair of significant figure can see that, by 2006, public sector employment was 78% and private sector 22%, compared to 91.8% and 8.2% in 1981(The World Factbook, 2012). Although private employment rate has increased a lot, any company wants to employ people must pay the government first, then government will pay Cuban. Any Cuban wants to change his job should be via government permission. Deserving to be mentioned is the unemployment rates of Cuba are 1.06%(2010 est.) and 3.8%(2011 est.) (The World Factbook, 2012). Cuba has chronicity low employment rate was assumed that most of jobs people do was distributed by government. (Lambie, 2004,p.119)

By contrast, according to Desipio (2000, p.289), the United States is a liberal democracy country, which are successful in economic due to the free market. In terms of marketing, the totally different between Cuba and the USA is whether government restricts the development of private of sector. “The private sector is the engine of national growth, and this private sector is most successful when left alone by government.” (Desipio, 2000, p.296). Comparing with Cuba, according...
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