Differences Between Communities in My Country

Topics: Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Greece Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: November 29, 2006
Almost in every country in the world there are different forms of communities. These communities are also known as nationalities or in a more specific term ethnic groups. These communities live in one country but their roots or ancestors came from another country. I will elaborate in this paper the nationalities in my country like Albanians, Macedonians and Gypsies. There are many different ethnic groups in my country but the largest group is the Albanians, because they represent almost one quarter of the population. Although they live and share common culture, religion, and language they are making efforts to integrate their cultural traditions in our society, and these efforts made some incidents with Macedonians many times, but the most recent are like the incidents in 2002 in Tetovo, and Aracinovo. These incidents fully changed the way that the Albanian people were accepted to everyday life in my country. What I am trying to explain is that, no matter if the people come from the same ethnic group or from the same nation, they are proud to be Albanians because their roots or ancestors came from a different community the state of Albania. After the incident in 2002 the government in Macedonia put same laws in force that will change the way of understading Albanians. The Albanians wanted to speak on their own language Albanian in the sobranie and in regions where their population status is over 20%. These were some of the reasons why the conflicts started between the Albanians and the Macedonians. I will make a comparison between the Albanians in my country and the Macedonians in Canada. First I will examine Macedonians. Macedonian people immigrated in Canada in the early 1920's .These people since than formed a large ethical group that made personal Media like TV's and radio stations. With this they transmit TV and Radio Programs in Macedonian language. They also issued newspapers and magazines on their mother language. They have also formed Macedonian...
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