Differences between Colorado's DNR and Wyoming's DNR

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  • Published : January 10, 2012
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Sara Hartwig
Staci Leu
Police Operations
Unit 2 Project
November 21, 2011

Being a DNR Officer doesn’t sound like your typical female profession, does it? Well, for me, it would be a dream. Here is where you’ll find out the difference, if any, between Colorado’s DNR and Wyoming’s DNR, and the way the departments go about hiring.

“The mission of the Colorado Division of Wildlife is to protect, preserve, enhance, and manage the wildlife of Colorado for the use, benefit, and enjoyment of the people of Colorado and its visitors” (Colorado Division of Wildlife).

There are five things that Colorado’s Division of Wildlife does to achieve their mission. They regulate hunting and fishing, manage public wildlife areas, conduct wildlife research, provide technical assistance concerning wildlife and habitat, and they work to protect and recover threatened and endangered species.

It comes to show that what everyone does in the Division of Wildlife knows what they are doing and that they have extreme passion for what they do. The Division of Wildlife has received countless local and national awards. The Division employs 650 permanent, full-timers, and hires, annually, more than 300 temporary/seasonal employees.

Wildlife belongs to all people. It will be more than likely you will interact and help hunters, anglers, wildlife viewers, other wildlife organizations, State Wildlife Area users, and people with wildlife concerns. Hunting and fishing play the biggest roles, without hunters and anglers there would be no management programs for animals like, elk, pronghorn, cutthroat turkey, turkey, and bald eagles.

Take advantage of certain opportunities to work side by side with wildlife professionals. Colorado’s Division of Wildlife is nationally recognized for its wildlife management efforts.
Remember education is key! But for this job, it will vary depending on which path you take. Many have majored in biology or a natural resources-related area. Plus, if you have...
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