Differences Betweeen Chinese and Western Table Manners

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Differences between Chinese and Western Table Manners

Abstract: China is a nation of etiquette, whose table manners have a long history. In fact, western countries have their own peculiar dining custom. Knowing our table manners can make us polite in the public, and knowing western dining customs can let us integrate into world preferably. Key words: China, western countries, table manners, differences. 摘要:中国是礼仪之邦,其餐桌礼仪源远流长。西方餐桌礼仪也是很有讲究。了解我们中国自己的餐桌礼仪能让我们在公众场合当中做到彬彬有礼,了解西方餐桌礼仪能让我们更好地融入世界一体化之中。 关键词:中国,西方国家,餐桌礼仪,差异。

1. Introduction
Due to the Chinese people and foreigners have different life styles, the way of thinking, cultures, the table manners between china and western countries show a big difference. Chinese table manners have a long history, which date from Zhou Dynasty, at that time table manners have a quite complete system. Those table manners gradually go to a level of mature and perfect, moreover, they took an important part in the past and still have a deep influence in the modern society. Western dining customs originate in Merovingian Dynasty, France, and in the 20 century, Italian culture came to France, table manners and menu turned to be more elegant and delicate, from that time, books of etiquette are published gradually. Today, table manners inherit in Europe. Table manners in Western countries have influence on Chinese table manners because of World Integration. In order to protect our table culture, we can make the two table manners integrated, which is good for us communicating with foreigners. So, it is necessary for us to know the differences of the two table manners. 2. Different table manners between China and West

1) Table setting
In China:
We prefer to the round table in the Chinese banquets. If there is just a round table in the family dinner, so it has no table order. But if the banquets are held in a restaurant or a hall and there are two or over two round table, then it must have the table setting order. The...
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